Organizing Team


We are four PhD students of the UCLouvain (Belgium), all part of the Aegean Interdisciplinary Studies Research Group (AegIS). All of us are involved in research concerning the Bronze Age Aegean, more particularly Minoan Crete, and are members of the Sissi Excavations in Crete.

Thérèse Claeys holds a Master’s degree in Greco-roman archeology, with a specialization on Minoan Crete, from UCLouvain as well as an advanced Master in Conservation of Monuments and Sites from the Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation (KULeuven). She is currently pursuing a PhD at UClouvain, under the supervision of Prof. Jan Driessen and Dr. Eleni-Eva Toumbaraki, from the Directorate for Restoration of Ancient Monuments Department at the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, on a topic combining her both research interests: the development of planning and methodological tools for the preservation and presentation of Bronze Age archaeological sites on Crete. Thérèse has participated in several excavations in Belgium (Tournai) and in the Mediterranean Basin (Crete, Cyprus). She has been part of the Sissi Archaeological Project since 2009 and is also co-responsible of the Sissi Preservation Program since 2016.

Evgenia Tsafou holds a Master degree in Prehistoric Archaeology, with focus in Neolithic and Bronze Age Aegean, from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She is currently preparing her PhD thesis at UCLouvain, under the supervision of Dr. Charlotte Langohr. Her research focuses on the function and use of cooking vessels, from the Minoan settlements of Sissi and Malia/Area Pi (1700-1200 BCE) and the application of an interdisciplinary methodology. She is particularly interested in the application of organic residue analysis and use wear analysis on ceramic vessels and the study of cuisine and cooking practices in the Mediterranean. She has participated in various excavations and research programs regarding Bronze Age and Neolithic Aegean in the past and she has been part of the Sissi team since 2016.

Diana Wolf has received a Master’s degree in Classical Archaeology from the University of Heidelberg. She is currently preparing her PhD thesis at UCLouvain under supervision of Prof. Jan Driessen and Dr. Maria Anastasiadou. Her work focuses on Aegean seals, specifically the large corpus of Late Minoan soft stone glyptic, and questions of social structures in Late Minoan Crete. She has participated in excavations at Sissi, Koumasa, and the prehistoric site of Thorikos.

Roxane Dubois holds a Master degree in Greek and Roman Archaeology from UCLouvain, where she is currently preparing a PhD thesis about the communities of practice and regional networks in First Palace Period in Crete (1900-1700 BCE) under the direction of Dr Charlotte Langohr. She focuses her research on Protopalatial pottery production, consumption, and exchanges; and studies these practices on various Cretan sites from a diachronic perspective. She has been involved in the Sissi Excavations Project since 2015 and is now responsible for the study and the publication of the Protopalatial pottery from the settlement. Her other study implications include the Palace and the Sector Pi at Malia.

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